FAQ's For Doctor/HCP

Are there fees for appointments?

Physician consultations for any cannabinoid therapy are free of charge. Upon your patient’s initial visit, they will undergo a consultation with one of our physicians or nurses, as well as a free education session with one of our trained patient educators from our patient care team.

Are there restrictions on the public possession limit under the cannabis act

Public possession limits for authorized patients who are registered with a federally licensed seller or with Health Canada are the lesser of 150 grams or a 30-day supply of dried cannabis (or the equivalent in cannabis product) in addition to the 30 grams allowed for non-medical purposes.

How can I check up on my patient?

If your patient has signed a permission to release records form (downloadable here), we are able to release this information to you.

How can I document adverse events or reactions?

You can report adverse events or reactions directly to the Healthcare Practitioner dedicate line. You must also report any serious or life-threatening adverse events or reactions to emergency services.

How can I learn more about medical cannabis?

GMP is dedicated to educating healthcare practitioners and patients about medical cannabis. GMP Corporation, through it’s GMP Academy division, is proud to sponsor a number of CME accredited programmes for physicians and nurse practitioners. Find out more by clicking here.

Healthcare Practitioners can also request an in-person or virtual educational session with a GMP Medical Representative. GMP also offers lunch & learn sessions for you and your colleagues. Contact the Healthcare Practitioner dedicated line (here) for more information or for any questions regarding help with prescribing, recommendations and regulatory or compliance matters.

You can find additional Information about medical cannabis in Canada on the following site:

How do I prescribe patients?

You can prescribe patients online using our Healthcare Practitioner Portal or printable form which you can fax to us downloadable here.

How do I refer a patient to GMP Clinic

  • If you believe your patient might benefit from a prescription for cannabinoid therapy or medical cannabis, please download and complete the Patient Referral Form below. Completed forms can be faxed to GMP Clinic. See contact us for more or e-mail care@gmpcorp.com

  • Patient Referral Form

How do I register as a prescribing physician?

You can register by signing up for our Healthcare Practitioner Portal here.

How does a patient choose a licensed producer?

Licensed Producers offer different medical cannabis products at different prices. A list of all Licensed Producers is available on Health Canada’s website. Our educators will work with patients to assist in choosing the most appropriate product from the most appropriate producer.

How does a patient purchase medical cannabis?

Individuals with a medical need, and who have the authorization of their health care practitioner are able to access quality-controlled medical cannabis formulations by registering with medical licensed producers. Healthcare practitioners are responsible for completing medical documents authorizing patients to access medical cannabis. This document is then sent to the patient’s Licensed producer of choice. Once the patient registers with the Licensed producer, they are able to receive their medication via post. If patients register with GMP Medical as their licensed producer of choice, they may pick up their medicine at the GMP clinic location on Alness Street in Toronto.

How long will my patient wait for an appointment?

GMP Clinics offers appointments within 24 hours of scheduling.

How secure is your patient portal?

Our patient portal has (insert type here) encryption, as required for PHIPA compliance.

How will I be informed of my patient’s treatment and progress?

GMP Clinic is committed to continuity of care and maintaining open communication with you about your patients. Upon completion of your patient’s consultation, an official letter will be sent to you outlining your patient’s treatment plan including authorization amount, duration, administration method, restrictions & recommendations, and your patient’s licensed producer.

I have a patient that is only 9 years old, will you be able to see them?

Yes absolutely. We have Health Care Practitioners that are comfortable seeing patients under <18y/o

Is there a maximum period for which a medical authorization can be written under the cannabis act?

The period of use specified in a medical document must not exceed one year.

What conditions, indications or symptoms should I consider making a cannabinoid therapy referral for?

Based on the most up-to-date recommendations from Health Canada (see here - hyperlink), the following is a list of indications with documented or emerging evidence for the use of medical cannabis.

Well-Documented Evidence for Indications for the use of medical cannabis:

  1. Chemotherapy-induced Nausea and Vomiting

  2. Chronic pain

  3. Epilepsy

  4. HIV/AIDS related Anorexia and Nausea

  5. Multiple Sclerosis (Pain/Spasticity)

  6. Palliative Care of Cancer patients

Emerging Evidence for Indications for the use of medical cannabis:

  1. Alcohol & Opioid Dependency

  2. Anxiety Disorder

  3. Autism Spectrum Disorder

  4. Headache Disorders/Migraines

  5. Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s)

  6. Neurodegenerative Disorders (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s)

  7. Spinal Cord Injury

  8. PTSD

What does the medical authorization document cover?

  1. The Medical Authorization document covers basic information such as the daily amount(s) or recommended doses, the duration of the authorization and any restrictions on the type of cannabis to be used. In this regard, it is similar to a prescription.

A sample Medical Authorization document can be accessed on Health Canada’s website or downloaded below

What happens after the consultation?

Once your patient has received a medical document allowing the use of medical cannabis, our patient educator will help patients select a Licensed Producer and select a product that suits their needs. Patient educators also help patients with Licensed producer registration, making orders, and guidance on the administration of their medical products.

What happens during the consultation process for my patient?

Patients that are referred to GMP clinics will undergo a full medical history to assess their suitability for medical cannabis. Should medical cannabis therapy be deemed appropriate for the patient, the practitioner will provide them with a medical document outlining their maximum daily allowance and any other recommendations or restrictions on use.

What if I am experiencing technical issues and require technical support?

You can avail of technical assistance through our Healthcare Practitioner support line.

What information is required to refer a patient?

In addition to the consultation referral, GMP Clinic will require access to any medical records pertaining to your patient’s main diagnosis, including any recent consultations with specialists and any available diagnostic imaging reports.

What routes of administration will be recommended for my patients?

There are a number of options when discussing routes of administration available to patients. The route of administration used will depend on the specific physician recommendations as well as product availability from the Licensed Producer.

Cannabis can be available in the following formats:

  • Cannabis Extracts

  • Edible Cannabis

  • Dried Cannabis

  • Cannabis Topicals

Contact patient care to discuss available formulations and routes of administration, care@gmpcorp.com

Where are my patients' records stored?

Your patients' records are stored in a PHIPA compliant server, on our secure licensed site in Toronto.

Who can I call for assistance?

You can avail assistance through our Healthcare Practitioner support line.

Why should I refer patients to GMP Clinics?

We provide premium, patient-focused clinical services tailored to suit the needs of all of our patients. Our experienced physicians and nurse practitioners use an evidence-based approach with regular patient follow-up appointments, and a trained patient educator team providing access and education about a wide variety of medical cannabis formulations from licensed producers across the country.